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About Panini Grills

Commercial panini presses are available in 110V for the smaller, single panini press, and typically 220V for the larger, double presses. The grill surface can be solid cast iron,  or solid aluminum, or aluminum coated with teflon.

The majority of commercial panini presses are manufactured in Italy.

Panini Presses traditionally found in cafes, bars and trattorias from Firenze to Napoli, Venezia to Turino, the popularity of Italian panini presses has surged across Europe and recently to North American shores.  Italy's greatest cultural export in the last decade has been the seductively simple, yet flavor bursting pressed panini grill sandwich.  

Panini is simply the Italian name for sandwich, however it is almost always used in reference to sandwiches that are placed in a two-sided cooking press that compresses and grills the sandwich until hot and toasted.

Using expressive and fresh ingredients are key to the traditional panini press sandwich.  Popular is quality artisan bread such as ciabatta rolls, foccacia or baguette - sliced open and filled with your choice of vegetables, cheese or meats. 

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