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panini grill model p2l
panini grill model p1l
nouva simoneli
Panini Grills are the latest rage in food service

 All Nuova Simonelli panini grills have UL, ETL,and  meets the standard for NSF approval
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Panini Sandwich grill:

The panini grills are made with special heavy duty cast iron plates.  There is no "Teflon coating" on the plates that can peel off during cooking.  The grills have insulated handles, separate top plates and a pull out tray.  A wire brush, that is included with the grill, makes clean up easy.
Panini Grill Model P2L
Panini Grill Model P1L
Features P1L - P2L panini grill with electrical hot plates in special cast iron for better heating performance. The P2L model is fitted with a thermostat used to set different temperatures for the two parts of the panini grill and thus reduce power consumption. Structure in 18/8 stainless steel. P2L: 2 hot plates. P1L: 1 hot plate
VERSIONS                  Ridged or flat Cooking Plates                    Ridged/Ridged Cooking Plates

VOLTAGE                   120 V (110V-125V)                                     220 V (208V-240V)

POWER                      1700 W                                                        3450 W

DIMENSIONS             15"W X18"D X12"H (closed)                       21" W X18"D X 12"H (closed)
                                    20"H (open)                                                 20"H (open)

GRILL SURFACE        10" x 14 1/2"                                               10" x 20"

NET WEIGHT              55 lbs.                                                        75 lbs.

Model              P1L                                  P2L
Move over pasta and pizza, here come panini, bruschetta, and crostini! The world of sandwiches, Italian style. These heavenly bread-based creations include recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; antipasti, party foods, and delicious desserts and indulgences.


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All Nuova Simonelli panini grills are proudly made in Italy to the highest specifications using quality materials.
Do Not be fooled by low price, poor quality Chinese imitations!
P1L - Available with both sides grooved.

P2L - Available with both sides grooved                   only.